About Fertile

At Fertile, we provide for all your gardening needs. We offer the very best selection of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and garden elements in Chicago. Our staff at Fertile is happy to help you choose the best flora for your space. One of Fertile’s many specialties is individualized garden design and installation. No matter how large or small the project, we can help you plan and execute a rooftop garden, a backyard oasis, or a welcoming shop front. Fertile’s seasonal container design offers a colorful way to update your decor, and can fit any budget.

Do you need help cleaning up your lawn after a long winter, or solving a troublesome part of your garden? Consult Fertile for getting your greenery in the best shape possible. Our staff is comprised of horticulturists, master gardeners, growers, and designers who work in tandem to solve your landscaping problems and garden layouts. Whether you need to cut down and remove a massive tree, or arrange a tiny terrarium of succulents, Fertile can answer your questions and help finish your projects!

We can help you stock up your tool shed for the season, as we sell fertilizer, potting material, and insecticides. We have tools and watering equipment for maintaining your plants, and nutrient mixes for potted specimens. Our containers and pots come in a variety of colors and shapes to fit your aesthetic for patio or rooftop plantings, and our beautiful garden elements add the finishing touch for your perfect design.